Advertising is everything. Ask your friends to join you at a training, conference or party on a raft in the middle of a bog somewhere, and they'll probably hesitate. But ask them to join you at a beautiful venue with sauna, WC and picnic ground, accommodation for 35 people, lighting and music, and they won't need much convincing.
Both of those descriptions apply for the Raft House. It is a whole another environment. The only hints of civilisation (apart from local amenities) are communication masts on the horizon, while the closest road is 8 kilometres away. It's a complete change of environment, and you can get there by comfortable rafts, skis or even amphibious ATV-s.

It's fair to say the Raft House is one of the most distinctive "holiday destinations" in Estonia.
It won't compete for architecture prizes because it takes structural effort to keep the house afloat. Its uniqueness lies in its remoteness and the possibility to have your feet off the ground for the whole time. Raft House is located on Kalli river in the heart of Emajõe Suursoo bog, 8 kilometres from the nearest road.

The complex is made of two rafts. One carries a house with meeting, party and dormitory space for up to 25 persons. The other has a sauna, picnic ground and sleeping facilities for 8 people. The mobile complex is ready for your adventurous and exciting events in Emajõe Suursoo bog all year round. The only exceptions are ice formation and ice breakage seasons when access could be complicated.
The unique nature of Suursoo bog provides a chance for total change. The area's few inhabitants don't even have electricity in their households.
During ice-free periods, the bog will be accessible by tour rafts.
During winter, we offer realistic "Polar exploration" experience by taking you skiing or hiking over frozen lakes and rivers. We also offer bog trips in ARGO amphibious vehicles. Warm chambers, hearty dinner, hot sauna and cosy atmosphere will be available afterwards, regardless of the season or weather.